Frequently Asked Questions
» Share your Referral Link and Earn a % of what your Referral Earns? How does that work?

When a person uses your url either you give it to them or maybe you add one of our banners with your referral link as the url or maybe you buy some ptc ads and use your url. When they come through your url and they signup at our site you will be there referrer on there account. This will allow you to earn a Percentage of what they earn off of PTC ads and the Offerwalls. How much you earn off of them depends on your membership level.

You can See all the info about the different membership levels and Upgrade your account if you want to at this url:


You can also get your banner codes with your url in them at this url:


You can Buy referrals if there is any available On the marketplace at this url:

» What is the difference between Cash Balance and Purchase Balance?

Cash Balance is the cash that you can withdraw at anytime.
Purchase Balance is used to buy stuff like referrals, advertising, membership upgrades, play games and more...
You can NOT withdraw money that in in your Purchase Balance.

» What does the Plus Value Mean on the Timers?

If an ad shows for example 3+20 the 3+ stands for how many seconds the timer will wait for the site to load before going ahead and starting the timer. This Insures that the user does not have to wait forever for the site to load, and is only fair to the users viewing the ads.

» Do you Allow the use of Proxy's on your site?

NO We use Proxstop to help Protect our site from the use of proxy's.

We do NOT allow the use of Proxy's, If you Register or Login with a Proxy active your account will Automatically be Suspended. Trying to use Proxy's on our site is Fraud since ads are Geo Targeted to different country's. We don't care if you use proxy's on other sites like youtube and such but you HAVE to turn them OFF before logging into our site or your account will be suspended by ProxStop Automaticly. We have Posted Warnings on Both the Register and the Login Page to Remind you.
If you do get marked on accident like you forgot to turn your proxy's off before logging in, Feel free to open a support ticket and explain you don't know why your marked or that you forgot to turn it off or something and we will be more then happy to help you out and get your account restored as long as it does not happen a lot we won't complain.
» Do you Accept Traffic Exchanges?

Yes we do but we look at them on a case by case bases.

Min. Requirements that we look for are...
Site must have Over 2,500 Members
Site must be able to send a min of 150 hits per day.
Site's Alexa 3 Month Rank Must be around or below 200,000 or less.
Site's Alexa 1 Month Rank Must be around or below 100,000 or less.
If you do not meet these requirements your exchange will probably be denied.
If we do take your trade we will watch your traffic that you send us and then adjust the Max Clicks per day your ad is allowed to get. 
Send us more traffic and we will send you more traffic. Stop sending us traffic for very long and we will remove your ad.
To start a trade Open a support ticket and give us your URL and ad description. We also Accept Banner trades too with the same requirements.
» Will my account be suspended if I log in with a different IP or from a different computer?

The only Reason you could be auto suspended is...

You have More than One account.
You have a Proxy Turned on when logging in.
It doesn't matter where you login from or if you login with a different IP address, as long as you don't use a Proxy to access the site or have more than one account.
» How do I refer a friend?
At the top of that page you will see your referral link.
Have them click it and register.
Make sure you tell them to be sure your username is in the Referrer Field.
» Do I need to invest before i can cashout?

No! You dont need to invest at all, as soon as your account balances reaches to $1 and you have clicked at least 200 ads, you are eligible to cashout via PayPal or Payza.

» I Requested a Payment and it was returned to my Account, Why?

If it was Paypal then there may be an issue with your account and for whatever reason we probably got a Message like this. "This recipient is not eligible to receive funds." or possibly your email address you used is not attached to your paypal account. We don't send funds to email address that are not already attached to a paypal account.

» How do I link my Facebook account to my Account here?
Log into facebook with the account you want to link.
After Logged in go to
Click Connect to Facebook.
All done, your account is now linked to facebook and you can now log in with facebook on the login screen.
» I Can't see the Security Captcha and so i can't log in.
First off, You will need to make sure you are NOT trying to access the login page with this url...
Only use...
No "s" next to http.
If you're Still having issues maybe your Flash is not Upto date or is not enabled...

You need to have Flash installed and Enabled to see it.

This Page will allow you to check what Ver. you have installed, Give you steps to Enable Flash player if its disabled, Verify that flash is working and alternate reinstall options if needed.
» I'm getting a Solve Media "suspicious activity". What does it mean? (RadioLoyalty / Login)

Solve Media security system ratchets up dynamically based on several factors that might flag a user as a bot. This can be unusual IP activity (historical or current) and/or abberrant user activity such as refreshing or failing puzzles and so on. There are several different variables that are monitored to identify automated systems from humans, and allows us to serve nice easy puzzles to known humans and increasingly difficult puzzles to bad actors.

Our images can become increasingly distorted and difficult to read - which is desirable if the user is a bot - however, a real human user can get caught in this trap when we see a "false positive" for bot activity. It can/will become impossible for them to proceed and continued refreshing will only make it worse. For this reason we have instituted a 2-step authorization process so that the user can validate with us through an alternative means and avoid this frustration. Once they have authorized with us this way, they will remain on our nice list for a period of time (network wide) just as if they had solved the puzzle correctly.

In short - It's designed so that humans have an alternative way to verify with us should they need it.

» Why am I getting this error? "Processor and Account email must be the same." and how do i fix it?

Go to account settings and change either your account email or your payout email to match the other.
When changing emails insure you don't leave any spaces before or after the email address to insure they match exactly.
This will eliminate this error for you and you will then be able to cashout as normal.
We do this to help fight multy account users.

Your settings area can be found at this url below...

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