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PTCWall Bonus and Fixed Crediting Issue.
Published on 13-12-2016

PTCWall +20%


Also for you that where having issues with the wall crediting you that issue has been fixed sorry about the delay. Wall Share has been increased from 75% paid to members to 90% to compensate for the issue and delay in fixing.

**Higher Level PTC Ad Credit Packages Prices reduced by as much as 22%

**Banner Ad Credit Packages Prices reduced by as much as 50%

New Contests Start today.
Published on 26-02-2016

2 new contests are up.


($10) Monthly Referral Contest (Min 50 Clicks Required) (Top 10 Win Cash)
($5) Weekly Referral Contest (Min 50 Clicks Required) (Top 5 Win Cash)


Check out the contest page here...

Cheat Link! DO NOT CLICK
Published on 22-05-2015

Do not Click Any ads that have this Image



If you click an ad with this image your account will be Auto Suspended, If you click it by acadent you can open a support ticket and your account will be restored. But you can only do this a limited number of times, after that your account may stay suspended. We will decide on a case by case bases. Please be Aware of what your clicking.

If we do restore your account be aware it may not be right away, depending on how much time we have and how many others are waiting in line because they did not watch what they where doing it may be Hours or more before your account is restored. The More times you don't watch what you are doing and wast our time we may penalize you by making you wait longer to get your account restored. We have already done this a few times to a few users.

This will cut down on the Cheaters.

New Membership Pricing.
Published on 25-03-2015

We have drasticly redused the cost to upgrade your account. For example Bronze star was about $2.16 for 90 days, its now $1.99 for 180 days.

Reduced Payza Fees
Published on 18-02-2015

We have Reduced the Payza Withdrawl Fees by 20 cents.

Old fee, $0.60 + 6%

New fee, $0.40 +6%

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